About Me

I have a vast experience with fitness, health industry, coaching and management. This blog is my idea to reach out as many people as I can and motivate them to get up from a couch and change their lives.

Many people tell me that it’s easy for me to be fit and sporty, judging me on good shape. But this is the exact time to ask about my history. I never was into sports in college or high school, and when I started running in the mornings I could barely do a mile. Realizing my poor physical state and that this is not a healthy way to live was my main motivation.

I know that people need further encouraging and information to start working on themselves. And I want to show them that information. I know a lot about fitness or pilates than many others do as I’ve tried many things myself. After spending years reading articles and going to a gym, I even tried myself as a coach and found that I’m really good at it. On this blog, you will find tips, guides and options to choose from to make every practice count.

A huge part of living healthy for me is being mindful. I find that a perfect way to practice mindfulness is to do yoga on a daily basis. This is why I also advocate for yoga training and can teach you where to start from. You need some qualified assistance to make sense of all those terms and make yoga not just physical, but spiritual as well. Doing that will help you grow and feel good personally and in your relationships with others.

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