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Exercises for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair users can benefit a lot from exercising. First, it helps you manouevre your wheelchair easier without putting a strain on your upper arm and body muscles. Exercising also works out your back muscles which you seldom use and helps stabilise your spine. It also increases your heart rate, improves blood circulation, and develops your endurance. […]

6 Helpful Workout Tips for Beginners Who Want to Get Fit

Even is you are full of enthusiam to get in shape, it can easily go away after you stumble upon dozens of various articles and start feeling overwhelmed with all this information. Telling facts from fiction can also be complicated, so relax and utilize only the basic tips without going in to deep. It’s significant […]

5 Yoga Asanas That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat

Belly fat is usually a sign of sedentary lifestyle and poor diet choices. However, even if you are in a relatively good shape, you can still have some belly fat left. It’s complicated to get rid of it completely, but strengthening your core and boosting your metabolism can aid in reducing your fat. All you […]

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