Wet Shaving Do’s and Don’ts at the Gym

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Hey, guys! The last thing you would expect from a fitness blog is an article on shaving. Well, this article doesn’t really have to do with fitness, but with locker room etiquette. And that’s equally, if not more, important than an article on workouts.

Because you live a pretty busy life, you find ways to do things efficiently as much as possible. For those of you reading this article, you may have made mistakes while doing a wet shave in the gym. Or, you could be interested in doing a wet shave in the gym. In any case, this article is essential reading for you.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of performing a wet shave at the gym.


Prepare well.

Prepare everything you need the night before you hit the gym. Even if your workout schedule is on the afternoon of the next day, it pays to prep early. To do a proper wet shave at the gym, you need to pack your shaver, travel size shaving cream or soap and shaving brush. Shaving creams and soaps are handier to carry than a tub of shaving gel. Make sure you put everything in a waterproof or leather carry case to keep them safe. You should also bring a fog-free travel mirror, so you can carry on with your routine even if all the faucet mirrors are packed.


Settle for convenience store or drugstore finds.

Make sure to check if you’ve packed everything so you won’t have to make an emergency trip to the convenience store or drugstore to buy a cheap shaver. The cheaper your stuff, the more likely you’ll cut yourself.


Take care of your razor shaver.

Buy a quality shaver that can withstand being in public. You can buy shaver online by signing up for a shaving subscription.


Buy cheap blades, or take them out of your shaver.

The reason we’re advocating for a shaving subscription is that they provide a monthly stock of new blades. Remember to regularly replace blades for safety purposes. Once you get home, take out your shaver, replace the razor blades and leave to dry for an hour.


Take time but not too much time.

Being in the gym doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on your time. Proceed with your wet shaving routine as you would do at home.  In order for you to do this, you need to come early. You don’t need to cut your exercise schedule just so you can shave. Plan ahead so you can do both and be on time.

You just need to double time a bit. Don’t take forever. Lather thoroughly but skip the bowl.



If you feel like you’ll be late, then skip the shave and do it home. Arriving at work with a haphazardly done shave is more embarrassing than having stubble.


Be tidy.

Keep your t-shirt on. This is to keep your beard hairs out of the shower, and maintain cleanliness for everyone.







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